Saturday, August 21, 2010

You're Kidding Me!

PLEASE follow this link and carefully read the article!! Says it all!! 

Please help uncover the epidemic!! 

I had to take a break from the computer; hence no blog yesterday! The pain it causes my eyes is excrutiating! Those darn little spirochetes have taken refuge in my eyes and causing them severe pain! I can still watch TV but reading and using the computer are all but out of the question! So this blog will be short and sweet!
I have been off my IV abx for 3 days now and on oral Ceftin. I was actually starting to feel a little better Thursday and that I may actually be on the road to recovery but...yesterday and today I seem to be going backwards! I slept most of the day yesterday and was back asleep at 8pm last night. I did not even wake up till noon today! It frustrates and angers me as I read my insurance companies denial letter I recieved today! How kind of Anthem! I will fill you in a what they wrote:
"Your health care benifits require that we review your services to determine if the services are medically necessary. We have completed a coverage review for additional Ceftrixone Sodium Injection. (my IV antibiotic) We are sorry to  inform you we are unable to provide coverage for this service because the services are considered to be experimental! There is little available scientific evidence to show a good effect on health outcomes for this additional treatment!"
It has been 3 days since my last IV dose of abx and I am very worried about my health! I am going down hill again! My knees hurt more today, my head hurts, my eyes are terrible and the vision in my left eye is beginning to be affected by the disease! I was getting pretty good at going up and down my stairs and actually made it to the mailbox the other day! Today is a different story! I am out of breath the two times I have gone up the stairs and the fatigue is overwhelming! I was truly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Damn the insurance company and David Gundlach, MD, Medical Director of Anthem! I would like to know who this David dude is? I find him to be very assume what is right for me? I am not his patient, he has never laid on eyes on me, has never spoken to me...does not know squat about me! How terrible if one of his family members contracts Lyme...I wonder if he would deny them coverage too?
It is a shame how this country treats its sick! Or not treats! How dare I be denied medicine...I WAS getting better and now I am going backwards! It is not a pretty place and I don't know if I can handle it emotionally...I am ready to be get out of my bed...take a walk...not just to the mailbox!! I am done being sick and want my life back! I miss my WalMart trips with Jimm, Silly Bandz shopping with Sophie...simple little things that made my life so wonderful!
This denial just makes me angrier to do something ! The only two states that take care of their Lyme patients are PA and MASS! I do know this year hundreds of Lyme patients made it to the steps of Richmond to speak on behalf of Lyme Disease and get the same Bill on the table as PA and MASS! There were so many that showed up! Congress was not prepared! So..guess what! It has been postponed and put on the docket for next year! What an excuse! Virginia is an epi-center for Lyme Disease and nothing is being done by the lawmakers, doctors and health insurance companies! I do not want to classify all doctors in this neglagent group...there are a handful of LLMD's! Many are "out-of-pocket" for fear of losing their LLMD made it very clear to me how his hands are tied...he can not treat his patients the way they should be treated! There must be a change now! People are suffering and people die at the hands of Lyme Disease! I am very worried about my eyes...the vision in my left eye is now blurred...and I have been denied IV abx because..? Because they know how much money Lyme Disease will end up costing this country if the truth about it is uncovered!
Thanks to all my friends for your continued love and support!! Please pass my Blog link on to others...we need to make a change! 

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